About Me

My journey began 13.6 Billion years ago when the universe expanded from nothing to everything. I’ll just skip the stuff that happened in the middle (its super interesting, but i’ll not bore you with those details right now).
I will catch you up from 2013 when my love and passion for technology began. My love for technology defines a decent percent of my personality, however it’s not the only thing that defines me.
During 9th and 11th I went on two of the most consequential trips of my life to Sweden. My the end of the exchange my confidence in myself shot through the roof. I’ll be writing about them soon, so stay tuned for that. During this time period, I also picked up photography and vIdeography. Though my love for film runs deep, its a beast I am nowhere close to conquering.
I picked up data science as my area of interest at the towards the second half of my second year of engineering. At the same time I joined the Enterprise India Fellowship, Pune. I’ll urge you to check out the section’s on my work in data science and the fellowship.
However, technology and entrepreneurship are not all If you were to ask me about my two biggest other passion, they would be coffee and space.